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Mon Nov 24

Holy Noodles Its Easy To Procrastinate When Things Go Wrong

Okay so maybe I lied a little… I WAS going to update the site. The trip had a very unexpected halt and I ended up coming back to NY right after Vegas. I guess I am bitter and that’s probably why I havent finished. I have a ton more photos and such to upload. Ill get to doing it very soon :)


Tue Nov 18

Updates to appear later today :-)

Hey guys I apologize for the delay. Some things have occured and I am currently back in New York. Not quite the fairy tale ending but certainley one which contains a story. I have all of the pics and video and will be uploading them later today. I have checked some of the numbers and am very surprised by the turnout of page views. Thanks again. The story will soon continue :-)



Thu Nov 13
Wed Nov 12

Updates to resume soon…

My computer is having major issues. As soon as they are resolved I will post a lot more footage we have taken in the past few days.

Mon Nov 10

Last Goodnight From Chicago

Hey guys! Today was a really good day :-) We woke up and ate breakfast at Max’s family’s house. His mom and pop cooked eggs,bacon,hasbrowns,bagels,strawberries,rasberries… AMAZING! He has all of his music equipment in his room. In the background,during breakfast, Led Zeppelin was playing. Thats the kind of household I want my kids to have.

His dad, Randy, was wearing an Obama pin during breakfast… So funny. I took pics you can see them if you check out the link below this message. We then took the train to the city and checked out Rotofugi. Its an amazing toy store. I bought something cool! Check out the video post below entitled “Lincoln Loggins”.

We ate deep dish pizza at night and then just chilled and did laundry at the apartment. Tommorrow morning early we hit the road again heading to Mount rushmore. Its a 13 hour drive but we are gonna plow through it!

Cuttin this one short. I am exhausted.  Night!


pointing to california... get it?

Sun Nov 9